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Alexander McQueen
Lose yourself in a luxurious world of enchantment with the exciting elegance of Alexander McQueen. There is an inexplicable awe and edgy intensity of an Alexander McQueen shoe, bag, scarf, garment, or accessory that is mysteriously magical. Alexander McQueen is a master at the mythology of the creative craft. His attention to detail is that of a surgeon. His daring designs and fantastic fit bring deep and hidden desires to life in his original and unique masterpieces. There is something dark, beautiful, and inexplicable about the mysterious magnetism of an Alexander McQueen creation. Alexander McQueen was born in London on March 17th 1969 as the youngest of six children. He left school at the age of 16 and was immediately offered an apprenticeship in fashion, and continued working at various locations until 1994 when he returned to London and completed a Masters degree in Fashion Design. Since the time of his graduation, Alexander McQueen has become one of the most famous and respected international fashion designers in the world. His amazing collections include Alexander McQueen footwear, handbags, ties, sunglasses, belts, scarves, wallets, keychains, jewelry and both Alexander McQueen and McQ men's and women's clothing. The Alexander McQueen clothing, handbag, footwear, belt, sunglass, wallet, scarf, tie, jewelry and keychain collections are known for both the emotional power and raw energy of his shows, as well as the romantic but determinedly contemporary nature of his designs. Integral to the Alexander McQueen culture is the juxtaposition between contrasting elements: fragility and strength, tradition and modernity, and fluidity and severity. An openly emotional and even passionate viewpoint is realized through his footwear, clothing, handbags, scarves, and accessory collections. The Alexander McQueen collections project a profound respect for the arts and crafts tradition. Alexander McQueen clothing, footwear, handbag, wallet, scarf, belt, keychain, cufflink, and tie collections combine an in-depth working knowledge of bespoke British tailoring, the fine workmanship of the French Haute Couture atelier and the impeccable finish of Italian manufacturing. Sarah Burton reigns as creative director for Alexander McQueen. She will continue to produce works inspired by the legacy and dreams of Alexander McQueen.
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Model: Large Spot Tie   Price: $195
Description: Fiendishly fabulous! Mischievously mastermind cunning charm and persuasive plans! You've hit the spot tied up in the infernal plot of this dastardly delightful Alexander McQueen™ Large Spot Tie! ; 100% silk. ; Dry clean only. ; Made in Italy.

Color: Black/Red

Large Spot Tie
Model: College Stripe Tie   Price: $195
Description: You could waste precious time on a scholarly scientific experiment or you can cause others to brew and stew in a creation of your own design. Find your own fiendishly fabulous formula with the lessons learned from this wickedly wise Alexander McQueen™ College Stripe Tie! ; Decorated with stripes and smiling skulls. ; 100% silk. ; Dry clean only. ; Made in Italy.

Color: Sapphire/Orange

College Stripe Tie
Model: Skull Bias Tie   Price: $180
Description: You're fit to be tied! Feature a fury of frenzied fashion and reap remarkable retribution accented by the devious debauchery of this Alexander McQueen™ tie! ; Decorated in supernatural skulls and stripes. ; 58% cotton, 42% silk. ; Dry clean only. ; Made in Italy.

Color: Graphite/Black

Skull Bias Tie
Model: Narrow Tie   Price: $175
Description: No bones about it! Transform into a handsome devil once you decorate yourself with the treacherous thrills of this supernaturally stylish skull tie by Alexander McQueen™! ; Deviously decorated with sinister skulls and polka dots. ; 100% silk. ; Dry clean only. ; Made in Italy.

Color: Red/Black

Narrow Tie

Color: Blue/Orange

Narrow Tie
Model: 2581924002E 1068   Price: $139.99
Description: A stylishly sinister silhouette. Leave a haunting memory wearing this wickedly wonderful Alexander McQueen™ tie. ; Decorated with a skull adornment. ; 3 wide. ; 57 long. ; 100% silk. ; Dry clean only. ; Made in Italy.

Color: Black/Blue

2581924002E 1068
Results 1 - 6 of 6 for «Alexander McQueen»
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Alexander McQueen

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